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The best most profitable and most sustainable way to monetize your writing ability is by selling directly to your audience. If someone has been reading your content and getting value from it, then they already trust that you’ll create things of value and as a result you will sell more and you will more .you have to follow the following:

1) Come up with a profitable topic idea for your course

There are three sources of inspiration I recommend for this:

Look at what’s already bringing you revenue. What are people paying you for?

Survey your audience, asking them questions like “what’s your biggest challenge with [topic idea that you’ve brainstormed]” and “what would solving this problem allow you to achieve” (so that you can understand just how much of a burning pain the challenge is for them). I’ve included 5 other questions to ask (and a framework for how many people to survey) in my online course guide.

2) Plan your course content

When students pay you for a course, they’re not paying you for information; they’re paying you for a successful outcome.So when planning your content, start with that successful outcome and work backwards.What is the end result you want your student to achieve?

When you build your outline, the answer to that question goes at the very top.

Then, your first course module will reaffirm to the student why they’ll be doing everything they’re doing for the rest of the course.After that, break the end result down into the various steps that need to be taken to achieve it, and plan to build one module for each big step.

3) Create your course content

The four primary content formats you see in online courses are video, audio, digital downloads (PDF’s, worksheets, etc…) and text.

The “gold standard” for is video, and here’s why: it’s multi-sensory (students see andhear the content), and so it can be more engaging, more interesting and more “sticky” than other formats.

One report by Forrester Research suggested that when it comes to delivering information, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

For that reason, I recommend that you include at least some video content in your course.

The complete guide to creating an online course has expert tips on produce content in each of the four formats.

4) Name your course: After studying thousands of course names, we found that the most effective ones tend to have three things in common:

Great course names are targeted, making clear exactly who this course is for. “Knife Skills 101: Learn To Cut With Confidence” is a much better name than “Knife Skills” because it tells the prospect what level of skill the course is meant for.

5)Price your course: Course pricing can be a really complicated topic, but it doesn’t have to be.If you offer  some courses for free this would help to attract more people to buy your courses .

6) promote your courses on many famouse websites: there are many websites that offers you to display you books for sell like amazone store using allows you to tap into their 310 million active users. 

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