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find competitors broken links in websites

find competitors broken links in websites
how to find competitors broken links in websites

What is Broken links building strategy ?

Is a tactic in which you find broken or dead links and re-create new content on these links and this process by contacting the owners of these broken links and agree to create new content on these links .. Why the owners of these sites accept your strategy? Because there is no one who accepts that there are broken or dead links on his site that do not work.

· How do you find these pages with links broken or dead?

1- The leading sites in the same field:

You can use this For checking Ahrefs’ Site Explorer This site contains more than 2 billion external backlinks in its databases, which helps you to find broken links .. Before you work on the site must Prepare a list of leader sites and competitor sites to analyze their links .. Then go to the site and enter the Broken Link Checker 

Site explorer -> Pages -> Best by Links -> filter for HTTP 404 errors.

You'll see a list of pages with broken links in competitors website .

2. Search the same sites for broken outlinks:

Go to Outgoing links -> Broken links and find the same site pages with broken links can fetch someone's address and write an article with the same title on the broken link and includes your link

3 - Search in the same Nitech for the end and linked Domins:

You will find in your site and choose your for expired domains but have links that can analyze these domains. Find out how many baclinks you will have. The sites that include the links of these expired domains definitely do not want to have broken links and you can not use these links and create content Evaluate and benefit from them.

4 - Find links on search links and links to pages:

This method is used a lot to find broken links in the sites .. To search for the sources of these pages on Google in the same use the following terms to search

· KEYWORD intitle: "resources" for example:

     SEO intitle: ""

· KEYWORD inurl: "links" for example:

     SEO intitle: ""

· KEYWORD intitle: "links" inurl: "/ links" for example: 

    SEO intitle: ""

change only the word SEO  with your own word and the URL with your own 


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