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How to Rank On Google First Page Without


How to Rank On Google First Page Without ?

To get your to be at the top result of search engines with any new topic in about 15 days without the need to build a lot of backlinks. What do you known about the Domain Influence Rate?

Domain Influence Rate:

is the influence of any domain name on the Internet and this is effected by how many times a specific article is reached through using social networks and through the searches done on the search engines.

The more people search for a specific keywords using the name of your site the more the impact of the name of your site on the Internet and therefore Google begins to prefer the results of your site among your competitors

To make this example better, let's say you went to a shop looking for a specific type of smartphones, but you did not find it, but every time you go to the shop ask the seller about the phone you are looking for.

After a few times the seller will start to notice the demand for this type of phones will increase and will start to show it in the top of the phones offered in the shop, even if it is not the best among the rest of the phones, this is what the customers are looking for ...

Increasing the rate of content recommendations on Media continuously

 The higher the rate of the presence of links to your website on different social networking sites the easier it is for your website to boost and become on the first page in Google search engine.

This is because Google pays great attention to what people prefer, even if it is not on their own networks or search engine.

It is very easy to see how many times your site has been mentioned on , Google Plus and Twitter .

If you search for a site or article in Google as follows:

site: facebook.com shamelnews.net

You will find the number of times this site or article has been mentioned on social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and others

Now that you know the meaning of the Domain Influence Rate, I will prove to you that this factor may sometimes is the main factor in the Google ranking of pages and articles within the search engine.

Now how can you do this yourself?

You can do this by writing a worthy article to get to the first search results page on search engines! Using questia.com which is an online library that you can use as an exclusive source when you write about any topic.

Check the number of words in the article by Word Counter

Yes, you should know how many words that your competitors use in their articles for better compete on getting to the first page so that you can do better.

Check out the number of backlinks of any article by  using COGNITIVE SEO

As we said at the beginning, backlinks is no longer the only factor that effect search engine optimization  of any website.

 Check out the number of posts in this article by BuzzSumo

This is the most important factor. We want to know the impact of this article on users in various social networking platforms and find the weak point and try to use it for our benefit

Check the keyword difficulty with KwFinder

To be logical, any word that has a difficulty of over 60 requires hard work that may for several months. So make sure that the word you are looking for does not exceed 60 and appears to be red when you search for any keyword using KwFinder try to write for the results that is green which means easy to compete on it.

Check the number of times the keyword was mentioned within the target site

site:www.shamelnews.net ""

This is one of the most important factors whenever the keyword is mentioned more than once within the site the greater the chances of the of this keyword to boost your articles of any new article targeting this word to the first page in Google

 After reviewing the above points, I recommend that you use the Google Keep tool to save all important information about the targeted keywords and the competitor you're trying to compete with.

Start writing your article on Google Docs

I always recommend typing any content on Google Docs for two reasons:

First: it provides you with the automatic spelling correction feature of Google and this is what distinguishes it as it reveals you the best formulation that depends on it as a search engine

To make the most of Google Docs, I invite you to add these add-ons to help you write better content

1. Add Gradeproof AI to correct the gambler and content formulation

2. Add a Better Word Count to show the number of words and characters

3. Add Google Translate to translate from Arabic to English or vice versa

Second: You will get a backlink for your article before posting! Yes, when you finish writing your article on Google Docs, you will be sharing it publicly

But most importantly is the content itself you have to ask yourself several questions before writing content so you can provide the best possible piece of content received by readers accepted and appreciated by Google ...

Share ideas with Questions and Answers websites:

One of the most powerful ways to get effective content ideas are the sites of the questions, specifically . I always recommend before posting any article to enter the site and ask a question entitled your article get some ideas and points on which to build your content

There are many question sites

Where you can share your answers such as:

1. Blurtit.com

2. boardest.com

3. Reddit.com

4. asktopia.com

There is also  many free ways which may help you to bring more idease before writing your content.

 4. Participate in instant conversations on Twitter

 Tweetchat offers a great service that displays conversations on a particular topic at the time of their occurrence and gives you the possibility to interact with them by responding or favoring or creating a retweet from within the same site.

1. We will enter the Tweetchat site

2. We will write the name of the keyword we are targeting or a related word

3. The list of conversations or tweets will appear in this tag.

4. We will begin to reply to each tweets related to them with a recommendation to link your article

5. We will do this daily for 7 days of publication of the article to any number you want

 Get backlinks from freelancing sites

This is one of the most effective ways that many people do not know. You can get high-quality Backlinks from large sites such as Upwork, Freelancer and others for free. This is done by creating a new project application and linking your article to the description of the project but make sure the project looks real. Try to do this legally, so ask them for any thing to get a backlinks.

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