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What do you know about ?


What is the  and why you should care about it?

What is SEO and properly prepare your site to search engine standards?

What is the SEO and why should you care about it?

SEO in those three letters are the abbreviations for  ""

So what is the SEO and how does it work?

When someone open the Google search engine and searches for anything, Google goes directly to its index , which includes hundreds of millions of sites and pages on the Internet and selects them to provide content that meets users search request with many results. Google then arranges those sites that provide content that meets your search process, showing you only 10 results per page. Here comes the role of SEO, where the sites always compete to be present on the first page on any search you do. Because they know that if they do not exist on the first page, specifically the first three results may not get visits permanently and therefore cannot get profits or customers and therefore the owners of these sites improve them internally and externally so that Google prefers them and shows them in the first results.

The sites that rank the top three in Google on the keywords they are looking for earn big profits either from the ads they include within their site or through the sale of paid products and services.

So if you are serious about your new site and want to get real profits you should be proficient in the different SEO applications that we will share in this guide in detail. All you need to do is read and apply directly.

Domain is the link that users type in their browsers to access your site so you should choose a domain easy to save and write so that your followers can easily access your site, for example Domain: shamelnews.net is a domain easy to save due to the lack of number of characters and its direct meaning that shows what This site revolves around the " SEO"

Domains paid or free domains?

There are many free domains such as example.blogspot.com or example.wordpress.com and others which are suitable for those who are doing their first online experiences to learn and gain experience only, but if you are serious about your online you should get paid domain where these Step is the first step towards creating a successful online business.

Free Domains take a longer time to get Google started to trust them. Thousands of free domains are created every day, so Google has to put them in the waiting area for a while to verify them and make sure they provide user-friendly content and are well optimized for search engines. This wait is much shorter which helps you to get up faster in the search engines.

design and responsiveness with mobile devices?

Your new site must be responsive to all devices. This means that when I surf the it should display well and without problems. The same thing should happen when I browse it from my mobile phone or tablet.

When you create a new site you must choose a responsive template or go to a site designer to design a new design for your site, taking into consideration that it is responsive to all sizes of screens that show the site.

Also, make sure that the mobile version of your site is fast-loading as the user browsing the Internet from the mobile phone quickly fills up if a slow site is found in the or the download may leave it and go to another location.

Where and how you can get responsive templates?

There are many websites that provide responsive templates for Wordpress, or and others. There are also sites that offer free responsive templates such as WIX, and others. In this directory you will find a list of these sites and what distinguishes them.

Themeforest: Provides paid templates for all content platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla and others

Templateclue: Provides paid and responsive English templates for the blogger platform

WIX: Allows you to create complete sites from domain selection to design and content creation

  1. Add your site to Google Search Console .
  2. Create sitemap to your website.



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