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What are the and why you should be interested?

Google always strives to show the best results for visitor searches so it relies on keywords to understand what your site is about. Now that you know how search engines work, you can begin to understand how the keywords work and how you use them on your site.

What are keywords and how do they work?

Every search you do within Google is used as a keyword and these words are based on the sites when you write content to appear in Google when you do a new search.

The use of keywords inside the site can be done in several ways starting from placing the keyword in the title of the page that appears in Google by placing it inside the page description and the main titles and images within the pages of the site that you want to come visitors.

The first step is to know the intent of the person who searches inside Google so that you can provide him with content suitable for what he is looking for and this is done by the search engines also try to understand the intent of the researcher.

There are 3 types of keywords: -

All searches within the search engines can be divided into 3 main sections: Go, Know and Do. The following are explained in detail:

First: Go Keywords: The researcher here does not try to do something specific, such as booking a hotel or searching for the nearest restaurant, but looking for something known by the name of the name of the site or a person to identify it also called Branded Searches when you search in Google on the or or name A famous actor or player such as Mohamed Salah are all considered Go Keywords

Second: Know Keywords: In their relentless pursuit of information, this type of search in which the user searches for specific information in order to learn more about the thing that interests him may search for the first winner of the Nobel Prize, how the cell is formed or when the human reaches the moon, .

Third: Do Keywords: The researcher tries to do something specific, such as knowing work Italian pizza or going to the nearest restaurant looking for the nearest pizza restaurant. This kind of search is always the hardest in terms of competition between sites because it usually results in direct profits through purchases Online or Off-line

How to find keywords online?

Webmasters are always trying to find out the most important keywords that users are looking for in search engines so that they can add them in their sites and display them within useful content for visitors, so that you can find keywords related to your domain. There are many tools on the Internet that allow you to do this.

Find and find keywords on the Internet? What are the ?

This is the tool that is directly related to Google search engine, which means that it is the most reliable and accurate in finding and knowing the rate of searches on different keywords, but unfortunately Google now allows the use of this tool all its characteristics only for advertisers who have effective advertising campaigns on Google Adwards But you can still use it free of charge to find general indicators of keywords and the volume of their searches.

The second tool Kwfinder: This tool is the most common now among the SEOs and managers of sites as it provides all the statistics in the Keyword Planner and excel by adding the rate of difficulty keywords KD is used to know how difficult competition between sites on any keyword within Google This tool offers cheap prices compared to other similar tools.

The third tool Explorer: This tool is preferred by e-marketing companies and professionals because of the great potential and accompanying tools that come with the subscription paid in the MOZ, but the subscription price is very large, which does not make it the first choice for individuals and managers of emerging sites, but you can use it for free 10 times Daily .

The fourth tool, KeywordTool.io: is also one of the excellent tools that allows you to know the number of searches for any word. It also allows you to know the number of searches within YouTube, , Bing search engine, App Store and currently Intgram. This tool is also an excellent source for those who work in the field. And commission marketing where they can gather a great deal of information about their audience.

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