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How to use in your Blog articles for better ?


How to use in your Blog articles for better ?

Google Spider that index millions of pages and websites in now getting smarter enough to crawl pages and know if the content is original or it is a duplicated content of the same articles. This is a good thing and in the end makes more sense for the reader.

- As always, you should structure your content for the reader and not for the search engines.

- To best optimize content you should never exceed 3 main keywords per article.

- The clearer your articles are to the person reading it, the more visitors it will attract.


- Using low competition keywords will organically bring you more search traffic if you follow this procedure.

If you’d like to know the exact structure that uses this type of content to get free search traffic using only content you can find it here.

- Try to limit your main keywords to 3 and add variations of the focus keywords as much as you’d like.

Build a search engine optimized for better SEO by the following:

  -  Find the best and most profitable keywords.

  -  Monetize your content.

  - Attract more people search traffic by daily posting.

  - Build your own keywords that are related to your .

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