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internal linking

internal linking
SEO internal linking


SEO internal linking

Internal linking is the process of using a 's navigation, content, and other linkable elements to develop a logical and coherent linking structure to highlight and emphasize the importance of the keywords for which the website is aiming to rank.

Internal linking contribute to the usability and search engine friendliness of a website in a variety of ways:

- Internal links, whether text links or image links, allow for creating internal navigation links in a much more precise and less conspicuous (compared to main and side navigation) way. This helps both
users and search engines find relevant and complementary content.
- If utilized properly, internal links can help create a topic hierarchy which can assist search engines in better categorizing (and assigning value) to content.
- Internal links, especially text links, help push the link value from your home (or top level) page(s)
deeper into your website, which can then translate into an improved ability of those secondary,
tertiary (or even deeper) pages.


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