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" rel="tag">ONPAGE Tips


" rel="tag">ONPAGE SEO Tips:

AS I mentioned in SEO internal linking ,The first step towards an internally optimized site is to choose the optimal content platform for the domain and type of content you submit within your site where it is always recommended to do so:

1. If your provide informative content of any kind, you must adhere to the 100% platform. You can rely on thousands of ready-made platters to provide the content in the best possible way and automatically connect the pages of your site automatically. You will also avoid the common code problems in the special software.

2. If your website is a tourism company or a restaurant and want to create a website with the online booking feature for hotels or tables, the best solution is the WIX platform, which offers site creation through Drag and Drop, which helps beginners and those who do not want to deal with templates and plagens in creating sites The search engine is optimized for search engines very easily in just a few minutes. It also offers exclusive software called WIX Hotels, Restaurants that helps restaurant owners, hotels and travel companies receive online bookings directly.

3. If you are creating a blog to blog about your thoughts and opinions, I recommend blogger blogging as it is the simplest platform that focuses only on blogging without many complex programming features or templates that need to be moderated or interfered with, helping you focus only on blogging and creating powerful content.

4. If you are an news web site or you provide information that requires filtering from the user as comparisons or if you are creating a complicated software idea, you will only have to go to a professional programmer who has a background on the basics of SEO and Clean Coding to develop your idea based on any of the programming languages Common.

Note 1: In 95% of cases the WordPress platform will provide you with everything you need, even if you are a restaurant or a travel company or if you write your thoughts and sofas only, but I wanted to explain all the options available to you online with the features of each of them so you can choose What suits you.

Note 2: For links to your pages, it is always recommended that the ANSI code should be in English letters, numbers or both. The links that are encoded in UTF-8 (Arabic) are user-friendly, difficult to market, the future .

Note 3: Always prefer to choose the form of your links as Post Name in the Permalinks settings page where the more the link to your page is short and the keyword targeted only the better for the search engines and visitors together.

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