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Earn money $ 700 per month from by following this guide


Earn money $ 700 per month from by following this guide?

Whether you are an internet entrepreneur or you work in an online or have a prior experience of working or you donot have any idea about How much money can you actually make from Adsense?

and What do you know about SEO? How to find keywords for website SEO? What are the keyword research tool?  online ?

 let me tell you that this article will help you to earn additional income from the Internet that can reach hundreds of dollars a month.  by following SEO .All what you have to do is to follow this steps that I will share with you. This article from start to finish.

1)First let me explain what we will do briefly: In this article I will explain to you how to boost your to be at  the top page in Google search page easily without the need for prior experience. All we will do is to have a website and we will market it in an innovative way to help make money online and attract more traffic to visit our website?

This article is divided into practical steps and is recommended to follow them fully until you start working correctly and increase your chances of gaining a consistent profit from the google adsense.

Step 1: Download PowerSuite SEO here:

After entering the download page, you will see a box. Write your e-mail address and click on the word Download to download the program as shown in the following picture:

Step 2: Access the Kwfinder site from here

This site is used to know the words that users search in Google through which we will identify the areas where that make us to be in the first page in Google to achieve monthly profits from Google Adsense or commission marketing.

As you see in the previous image I searched for the word "SEO" and appeared to me many different as shown in the image above you will find in the image two columns in the most important are "Search" and this column by the number of times that the search for this keyword per month in Google.

The other column is "KD" which is the abbreviation of Keyword Difficulty or how difficult it is to get this word to the first page in Google Ranking the less the number  the keyword is the easier it will be and we will try to provide it in the word that we will target in our site. It is recommended that you choose a word to write about that is no more than 40.In order to explain, we will choose the word " SEO "

Step 4: Open the Website Auditor  program that comes with the PowerSuite SEO package

But before that go to Google and search for the word we chose a "SEO" and check the location in the result number 1 as shown in the following picture

After the installation of  Powersuite SEO and all what you have to do is to scan our for specific keyword that we want to boost inn Google search engine  using the Powersuite SEO  program and know how much the competitors who are on the top search engine the first result we will copy their link and paste it in our Powersuite SEO to know how much the SEO word mentioned in your website.

What we are interested in in this report is to know the average number of times we should mention the word we target within the content of our new website page and we will also know the number of content words that we should write in our site so that we can climb our new site to the first page in Google.

if you write  more about a specific keyword like SEO and the more you write about seo the more that make money and you will Earn money from Internet and make more than $ 700 per month

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