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Differences Between On Page and Off Page


1- First for the "on page" SEO?

 There are many factors within the site which helps you to improve the appearance of your site or improving "Ranking" of your site whether the factors related to the content of your or your for example the title of the site, the speed of the site, the content of the site, the size of images and videos on the site etc ..

you can do this by Google Chrome open your website and in google chrome and audit your website 

it will fix your website for any problems 

It will show you fix any problems within your content and therfore you will solve many problems in your website .

2) Second :the Off-page "off page" SEO?


Is an off-page site factor helps you to increase the ranking and improvement of the site in the search engines ?
off page  results by increasing the authority of your site "authority" for other sites, and by creating links "internal links" and "external links" Any links that build within the site and refer to your website.
External links are the links to your site that you use other sites to refer to your website and this increases the domain authority of your site "Authority".

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