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15+ Smart Ways To Get More Subscribers on


15+ Smart Ways To Get More Subscribers on ?How to make Youtube ?

1. Choose a good name for the channel:

 It is best to have an exclusive name for your channel and its content, and do not use the names of other channels .If anyone searches for your YouTube channel name, you should be the first in the results (so you know if your channel name is exclusive ).

2. Design a cover for your channel:

Or ask someone who is able to design a cover that reflects the content of the channel. If you are the publisher of many videos, write in the cover that you publish a video every week or video every 3 days . subscribers will probably subscribe and activate the bell to reach such videos.

3 - Design the Cover of your videos:

 Do not leave it as shown by YouTube automatically, and must be professional and have a  little writing on it and attractive.

4. When you finish making the video and before uploading on YouTube:

 make sure you give the video file the name of the subject .

5. Post and Publish: Upload videos as much as possible but regularly. If you publish 2 videos per week, for example Friday and Tuesday then try to publish on those only days.

6. Quality of videos:

Try to put high-quality videos, and clear voice, many viewers are attracted from the image design and even if the content is good.

7. Show yourself in the video:

 If you are confident and you can speak without hesitation and want to appear in the video, do so, because the viewer likes to see the person who follow.

8. Put some exclusive videos:

If you come up with an idea about a particular topic that has not been published on YouTube before so .

9. Do not put a long title for the video: it should not exceed 50 or 60 long.

10. Publish the beginning of the video in :

by uploading the beginning on Facebook then write, for example: "Watch the rest of my videos on YouTube" and put a link to your video.

11. Choose keywords carefully by using a specific site:

Use  rapidtags, keywordtool.io, trends,Tubbuddy

12. Add the intro at the beginning of your videos:

 take advantage of the end screen feature that YouTube allows to add at the end of the video, add the subscription icon and suggest a video or two videos related to it.

13. If you have a blog:

 add a button to subscribe to the channel .

14. Ask the viewers to work for the video: ask them to share your videos.

15. Respond to comments below the video:

 Reply even for the comments that criticize you, to show followers that you are interested in their comments, which encourages follow and watch your content.

16- How to get a legal backlinks from YouTube?

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