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5 smart ways to get More Views from using on Video


5 smart ways to get More Views from using on Video

This is the article that many people are looking for. I promise that you will find in this idea what motivates you to leave what you are doing and start working immediately to achieve satisfactory results for your current and future videos

First and for most you need to set your goal from this article :

Are you looking to create a separate channel on YouTube and from it by posting periodic videos and get thousands of views and profits.

In this article we will discuss the first method, which is the most important to the followers and it is the first results in YouTube video new to any possible keyword.

In the beginning, we need to understand how YouTube arranges videos and what factors affect the ranking of YouTube videos in 2018 and the new year 2019, which oversees the start:

Factor 1: Content displayed in the video:

- The most important factor is the quality of the content displayed in the video, so consider the following points in any video you upload on YouTube:

- Content must be 100% exclusive and not transferred from another video

-It is always recommended to be a MP4 video file format.

- Image width should not be less than 1280x720

- Always make a video that is longer than the first place on YouTube

- The video file name must have only the targeted keywords.

Factor 2: Internal improvements of video ONVIDEO SEO

Also, this factor is one of the most important factors affecting the arrangement of any video on YouTube Optimized for your video in an ideal way to ensure that you appear on the front page by more than 30%:

 Video description: Here the description must be attractive at the beginning and extensive at the end in the sense that start your description with a window to the viewer to choose your video to watch it

Then you end the description of the video extensively by adding all the keywords related to the keyword you are targeting .You can use the Soovle site to get keywords related to the keyword It is the best free tool you can use for this

It is always recommended to add a video link and channel in the description Especially if the channel has not been established for more than thirty days.

Tags The second most important factor in improving the video internally after the title, so it must be carefully selected and careful to take advantage of it as much as possible by applying the following steps:

 Video Tags: 

 Choose a number that does not exceed the maximum of 15 keywoand not less than 5 minimum. It is always recommended to add the titles of more than 5 videos that got the best views on the same  keyword that we are targeting To ensure that our video appears in the suggested videos Or Suggested Videos next to these videos and increase our video opportunities.

 Also add the most important keywords related to the keyword you target in the video in the Tags box and it is recommended that these words not exceed 10 words.

Factor 3: Text translation of the video

Think of your video as your new whenever it is internally optimized and has high quality and varied content as it increases its chances of reaching the first results.

This is exactly what applies to YouTube videos but with different criteria. If more than one video is equal in the number of views and responses, for example there are some other factors that separate them.

One of the most important of these is the "text translation" or Transcription of the video that appears under the name CC and this translation drives your video to lead the first results in YouTube easily if your competitors do not use it.

 - Step 1: Go to your video settings and select Subtitle & CC then Add New Subtitle & CC then Transcribe and Auto Sync if the video is in English or if you are in Arabic you will choose Create new subtitles or CC and add the translation manually

 - Note: You do not necessarily have to translate the entire video, but you can only complete the first half minutes, specifically once you reach the translation of the keyword you target in your video, in our case here "work from home"

 Factor 4: Channel Authority power

 This factor is one of the factors that are difficult to manipulate or circumvent because it is linked to time. The longer your channel is on YouTube, the more videos you have on the channel, the more powerful it becomes, and the easier it is to get any new video on the first page on YouTube.

But in this commentary I will share with you some of the secrets that will help any new channel to emerge better, faster and faster.


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