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Nine Ways to Improve your Site's for better Ranking


Nine Ways to Improve your Site's for better Ranking ​?

SEO Optimazation is become as a necessity for many websites in order for Google SEO Ranking to take place and to choose the top three results to appear on the top og Google search engine page .SEO Ranking is on of the factors that effect many websites and to appear or disappear from Google search engine as there are many updates to their algorithm for evaluating websites .Google SEO  have mainly applied according to many factors:

1)SEO Content evaluation :

There are many types of content because (the content is either original or aggregated) make real content for better SEO. The content that you publish make it by yourself don’t copy or aggregate any content from any .

2)Choosing an Attractive Title for Better SEO:

The most important factor is to use the  keywords that you will write about in your title .Beside to this it will increase your . The Title must be less than 55 characters. Google shows the first 50-60 characters of the title in the search results.

Use your keyword for Example "SEO" in the title, preferably at the beginning of the title. Try to include the title in the subheading’s tag.

3)Visual Media:

Using Image that are optimized is important for better SEO results.Imagine a page without "attractive" images, even if the information about win a million dollars, the visitor will not read this scary page.The use of images, video and animations gives the page a vitality, and makes the visitor interact which means user’s will spent more time exploring your website.

Bounce Rate will be low on your site because visitors will stay longer on your site and interacting with the content.Increase the User Experience is also important for SEO, which is what Google wants from site Publishers to consider .

4) add Google SEO keywords :

When you write an introduction about any topic try to use the targeted keyword in your article , try to know your competitor website by finding how many Keyword they use in their article an do the same.

5)Use related keyword synonyms:

Google search engine optimization (Google SEO) algorithm, check your content for evaluation ,so try to use related keywords in your topic.This will enrich your content and keywords.

Try to use Keyword in the title , in H1 , URL , the beginning of the article "Introduction",End of article "Conclusion".

Using synonyms next to keywords will reduce word stuffing on the page. Instead of repeating the word "SEO lessons," you can use SEO courses, SEO courses, SEO articles, SEO tutorials, and so on.

6)Optimize images for search engine (image SEO):

You can improve the images using the appropriate name of the image "preferably contains the target keyword" .

7)Page loading speed: tips to increase page speed

For better SEO ranking page speed become an important factor in Site engine optimization. Time of Uploading the page that your take to show result is an important factor of the User Experience. The page load speed depends mainly on the template that you use on your site try to minify JavaScript, CSS, to reduce the time spent to show your website to  the users. Did you know that 75% of users do not return to your site again if the download speed is more than 5 seconds ?.

8)Icons for publishing in social networks:

Today, there is a need to optimize the pages for search engines, where social networking icons should be visible in a suitable place in your website, which motivates the user to publish your article.How to make backlinks from social media?

9)Link pages:

Linking the pages of your site is one of the most important factors in SEO. The internal configuration of your site, will helping your website to get a high 

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