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What is the best strategy for leading search engines according to the 2019 updates


What is the best strategy for leading search engines according to the 2019 updates?

Search engines optimization SEO: is the technique of getting your ready for your any rules of becoming of the best website that provides valuable and enriched content that benefit users and making your website available using all kind of smart phones.

  • Keyword optimization:One of the most important factors is that you identify your and your targeted .

Select the perfect keyword for your articles and optimize the way your content displayed in your website. Consider following things.

  • URL should include the keyword.
  • H1 title should include the keyword.
  • Also include the keyword in H2 title.
  • Image alternative text should also include the keyword.
  • Make your content shareable: for better SEO you should share your content in social media

This is also a good factor which makes your blog rank higher. More share means more  you will be ranking. SO make awesome content and use plugins which people may like to share with peoples.

  • Try to publish more for better seo :

When you want your website to be at the top results and you want to get traffic visit your website you should have search engines to trust your website you need to publish everyday about 20 article at minimum if you want to get ranked and get your website to be at the top of search engines. This is secret from one of my friends experience

What is the best SEO strategy for leading search engines according to the 2019 updates?

Away from SEO Strategies 2018 The best SEO strategy ever to improve your site ranking in search engines is the following:


1. Know the standard of search engines rank in your site and know the term "Brain Rank".

2. Know your target niche and specific keywords and the targeted country.

3 - Study and analysis competitors Keywords and strategies as you can.

4. How to choose the right keywords.

5 - How to provide good content better than your competitors.

6- Improve the performance of your site to be displayed on all types of smart phones.

First: What is the most important factor  that search engines depends on  in the ranking of sites  which many change the SEO 2018?

Google recently announced that one of the most important rankings for its sites is Rank brain.

What is Rankbrain?

RankBrain :is a new tool from Google that helps search engine or search spiders  rankings website and display  in search results in a more accurate way.

What is the Rankbrain function?

Rank Brain measures the satisfaction of Google's search engine users with the results they receive when they search for a specific word or topic.

How does Rankbrain work?

Rank Brain simply measures the " on click" rate.

How the user interacting with your content and how much time do users stay in your  website with the result is called DWELL TIME. This proof that the content is the king.

Basics of Search Engine Marketing Part Episode four

The concept of the above is the relationship of good content to the visitor stay and the rate of clicks on the result, which ultimately improves the ranking of the site.

Second: Identify the targeted customers and determine the targeted country.

This is one of the most important steps in implementing a successful SEO strategy to improve your site in search engines. You must first know all the offerings of a product or service and knowledge of all aspects and advantages and disadvantages to be able to determine through the following:

Third: Studying and analyzing competitors:

So you can skip your competition and get as much traffic as possible and improve your SEO site for your search engines. You should thoroughly study your competitors and learn the strengths and weaknesses that build on your successful SEO strategy. And you need these tools to be able to do so easily, especially as it is suitable for beginners in the field of SEO

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