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What is ?

ASO is the abbreviation of , which is a process of optimizing your app to make it more visible and discoverable in app stores so that users are more likely to find it from millions of other apps on Google Play .

why is the ASO important?

In fact, searching in app stores is the main traffic sources of app, 80% app installs is through searching app in app stores. With the other channels of installing app become increasingly weak, app store optimization plays an important part here.

The goal of ASO:

The result of ASO is that your app will be found easily by your customers who have interests in your app, and they will provide you assurance that they will no longer need to install other apps. Following 5 factors are the details of the goal of ASO:

  • find the targeted users means to specify the languages and the countries you target.
  • improve the value of your app .
  • increase the coverage rate of app keywords .
  • increase the search ranking of app keywords.
  • Boost app ranking and get more installs.

What are the main factors of ASO? How to find the best method to optimize your app?

(1) the name of  your app: an attractive app name is the first thing that you should think about, if you add an appealing subtitle in your app, the value of your app will be increased accordingly.

(2) the icon  design of  your app: the app icon design should be combined with the characteristics of app features. Make an attractive icon to attract more people to install your app.

(3) the description of app: the keywords of description are likely to be shown at the results of search engine. Therefore, you should embed main target keywords in description. You should include a privacy policy link in your and clarify the main privacy points .The description in Google Play is specifically important because it is an On-Metadata factor that is responsible for Search and Conversion. In this field you have to include all the keywords of your app or game, combined with a powerful call-to-action. First of all, the description serves the purpose to improve your app’s position in the Google Play Store search algorithm, so it has to be searchable. And secondly, it helps to convince your potential users to install your app, so it has to be actionable

 (4) the screenshots of app: screenshots of your app imply the content and the importance of your app . The first two screenshots is the key to catch the attention of audiences. If the screenshots are not attractive enough, it is more likely to lose many potential users.

(5) the reviews and ratings: Try to follow any notes by your users about your app can reveal the weakness of your app so that you can optimize your app according to these feedback.

What should you do for ASO?

 (1)analyze your competitors: the competitors work are very important for you to know your weakness


The main goals of Keyword Optimization (KWO) in ASO are?
  • Increasing the rank of relevant keywords already indexed.
  • Expanding the number of relevant keyword phrases an app ranks
  • Building relevancy around the base keywords

ASO Strategy by following this steps:

1. Keyword research & Market research. This is the essential analysis you need to make before implementing your ASO strategy and even before publishing your app or game.

2. Google Play Store optimization an :title, developer name, description, icon, screenshots, feature graphic. installs volume, ratings and user reviews are important factors to put in your consideration .

3. Tracking / monitoring. Apps market changes as well as the Google Play Store itself, so a developer has to be always up-to-date with the current market situation. The good practice is to track weekly, your volume of installs (organic + non organic), keywords rankings, top charts rankings, ratings and reviews of your app or game. Remove the keywords that are not performing.

4. How to Optimize Your Google Play Store Listing for ASO: A perfect Google Play Store listing for ASO can improve keywords rankings, improve conversion rate to install and drive organic downloads.Besides optimizing your app for Google Play Store, ASO will also help your app rank higher in Google web search results

App Store Optimization is a never-ending process, so keep on trying new things and optimizing your Google Play Store listing. Keep on monitoring the evolution of your app and your competitors. Try to know your app errors and fix them make and target different countries and languages make your app internationally installed.

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