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What is " rel="tag">Mobile 2019

What is " rel="tag">Mobile 2019
What is Mobile SEO 2019

Mobile ?

Mobile website SEO is a new way of building a mobile friendly website and creating mobile website SEO strategies.

  • Always test your mobile website page load speed with speed test tool Make the Web Faster  |  Google Developers It is recommended to work through the suggestions offered
  • Built a response website layout.
  • Always use the light content such as images. Compress heavy banners and product images for better website performance.
  • Get a separate sitemap for your mobile website. If you have explainer or product videos on your mobile site then consider having video site maps for them.
  • Mobile searches drive great local traffic so you should focus on local SEO and provide content according to your product or services.
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is another good way to create a better mobile view for visitor and enhance your mobile website engagement. Having less bounce rate and more engagement is key factor of getting SERP ranks.
  • Once you are done with the mobile website, List your site in mobile website directories.
  • While building backlinks for your mobile website, do not compromise with the quality. Build quality backlinks instead of quantity. It will give you better results for a longer term.

Due to increasing of mobile app users, creating a mobile app and designing mobile app marketing strategy would definitely give you a better reach. Mobile apps have their own stores and audience. In order to rank your mobile app you can follow Mobile App Marketing Tips. When you optimize for mobile for search engine like Google then you can call Mobile Optimization or .

Mobile Optimization: Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device.

Mobile SEO Best Practices: If your site is already well optimized for search engines, there are only a few additional things that you need to think about when optimizing for mobile.

Don't block CSS, JavaScript, or images : Smartphone GoogleBot wants to be able to see and categorize and the same content that users explore in your website app . These elements are also critical to helping Google understand if you have a responsive site or a different mobile solution.Also it check if the CSS and JavaScript delying your content from appearing first.

Site design for mobile: Mobile devices are simplifying and revolutionizing the ways sites are designed. "Above the fold" no longer has meaning in a world where we scroll endlessly

Don't use Flash: The flash plugin may not be available on many users  phones , which means they'll miss out on all the fun. If you want to create special effects, use HTML5 instead.

Don't use pop-ups either: It can be difficult and frustrating closing a pop-up window with specific phones .This might lead to a high bounce rate.

Design for all screen sizes: Touch screen navigation can lead to accidental clicks if your buttons are too big, too small, or in the path of a finger that's trying to get the page to scroll.

fially mobile seo is important for making your website mobile friendly to all types of smart phones,


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