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Strategies 2019

Strategies 2019
Mobile Marketing Strategies 2019

What is ?

Mobile marketing is growing recently due to the increasing number of people who use smart phones  ? what do we mean by Mobile  Marketing  and " rel="tag">Mobile SEO?Mobile marketing refers to the marketing of apps though using new technologies which is focused on a particular audience. Big companies in mobile marketing try to reach out specific audience on their tables, mobile devices and smart mobile by different methods. Majorly the methods are Mobile websites, MMS, SMS, Emails, Social media feeds and mobile applications. These many methods make it a multi-channel online marketing method.

Mobile SEO : Mobile website SEO is integral part of mobile marketing. Building a mobile friendly website and creating mobile website SEO strategies is the first step of Moile Marketing :

  • Build a clean coded website which search engines can index easily and give you faster results.
  • Always test your mobile website page load speed with Google speed test tool .
  •  Built a response website layout.
  • Compress images, css, JavaScript.
  • Get a separate sitemaps for your mobile website.
  • Build an AMP pages(Accelerated Mobile Pages) try to create a better mobile view for visitor and enhance your mobile website engagement. Via AMP you will having less bounce rate and more engagement and you will have a better SERP ranks.
  • List your site in mobile website directories.
  • While building backlinks for your mobile website build quality backlinks instead of quantity. It will give you better results for a longer term.

Mobile Marketing methods:

PPC advertisng : using PPC advertising companies like Google Adword help you reach millions of people around the world with specific keywords targeting and many features.

SMS (Short Message Service) :SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. All you need is a creative text which is descriptive and interesting enough to encourage user to raise a query.

Email (Electronic Mail) : Email marketing is basically the method of sharing commercial messages over electronic mail platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo mail, outlook mail, windows mail and other mailing platforms. By using emails, we can share rich content including images, videos and text.

Paid promotions: using many platforms and stores that provide paid advertising for your app is a very important way of getting more users .

 Remember Mobile Marketing is very important for enhancing your apps visibility by many people . If you are an app developer try to use increase the number of users through promoting your apps world wide.

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