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Why do sports teams websites need

Why do sports teams need ? How can this be achieved?

Sports is no longer  become an entertainment and fun for viewers and followers; it is an industry worth billions of dollars and growing rapidly.

Clubs, sports teams and footballers, have become focused on performance side and results on the side, gaining more fame and popularity to achieve substantial returns.

For example, Real Madrid has a that is available in several languages ​​including Arabic. There are also Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona, ​​and the list goes on.

These clubs use their websites to provide news about their teams and efforts, as well as their achievements. In addition, they use them as a main platform for issuing press releases and responding to any media confusion or problem or clarifying a particular issue to the public opinion and the press.

In addition, website is important to sell shirts, shoes and other sports accessories related to the club logo and sales.

Commercial transactions do not stop at this point, but the clubs sell tickets for matches at home and thus increase attendance and number of spectators.

For this reason, websites are very important for sports and clubs, and it is important to focus on respecting and configuring SEO standards.

Rule 1: Set a clear goal:

Before diving into the depth of ​​SEO, it will be easy if you can determine exactly what you want to achieve , because your Website Seo strategy will depend on the goals for optimizing your website.

For example, a club may want to find new players or gain more fans, who may want to build a more valuable brand, and may want to increase sales of shirts and tickets, and all of these goals can be put together. You must set a clear goal, and if you have hired a specific club to work on their website, you should ask about their basic goal and other goals they want to achieve, so that your task is clear.

Rule 2: Use

WordPress is the best content management platform in the world and is recommended in case you want to compete and take advantage of the most powerful plug-ins and capabilities available.

In fact, WordPress provides up to 90% of search engine optimization work, as the famous content management platform is designed to make websites searchable. On the other hand, Google prefers WordPress on other platforms competing for this reason, but this does not mean that other sites based on competing platforms and good preparation will not top the search results.

Rule # 3: Use keywords

First, what are the keywords? In a way they can be considered the words or queries people use on search engines. Simply put, the more important the keyword is on your page, the more likely you are to rank your site in search engine results. In fact, by using the right search terms in appropriate quantities, your site can be indexed in one of the best search results, increasing the chances of finding the right visitor. Well, there are specialized tools that not only give you the most common keywords, but also offer you some other relevant words. However, to get the right keyword, you first have to know the needs and goal of your audience.

One of the most recommended tools is Keywordtool.io followed by Semrush, do not forget to regularly check your site's performance in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which will give you some valuable insights.

Rule 4: Content Marketing

It's good to be interested in the content of the site because this is the ultimate source, which means it should include a blog, articles, exclusive videos, results, articles about the club's history, vision, match pictures and training. Content marketing should not be restricted to the site's blog, not to the articles, videos and images on the site itself, but also to the social networks where the focus should be on delivering strong content. Social networking sites are essential tools for tracking sports clubs, Sports World.

Rule # 5: Take care to respond to your mobile site

It is important that the website of the club or team be responsive to the mobile, not only at the level of design, but the size of writing and fonts and other advantages, including live broadcast of match results. It is no longer enough that the template is designed to respond to the mobile, but must be designed primarily for these devices and works without problems on computer browsers. The most professional templates come with additional options that allow webmasters to customize their mobile version and make it professional and distinctive.

What makes it important to make the club or team's website responsive is that the majority of football and sports followers are browsing from their smartphones.

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