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What do we mean by ? It means to use an online tools in order for you to promote for goods and services .What is the prefect way of marketing you and promoting it in order to achieve your goals .There many ways for web site marketing as  the follow:

1. Search engine optimization

What do you know about ? SEO is the process of enhancing website speed and making unique content in order for your website’s visibility in search engine’s to become organically searched by user keywords that they are likely to search for .You can use https://trends.google.com/ to find what do people  search for and use the most expensive words in you content to and get more traffic .

2. Blogging :

One of the most effective way is to write original content about  your website   using blogs this can help bring new visitors .Your content will indexed in search very fast and you can target more traffic to visit your website.

3. ()

what do we mean by pay per click  it means you can set ppc advertising for a specific amount of money to bring in traffic to your website from search engines like Google by target specific words with low cost and less competition between bidders . you will pay a fixed price for every click your ad gets in the search engine .You can set a budget of as little as five dollars a day or a maximum cost of cents for each click you can also find keywords that you will target with low cost and spend your budget in an appropriate way.

4. Facebook ads

U.S. user spends 8 hours per month on facebook and millions of people use Facebook every day you can set promotion for daily budget also you can set $1 as a ppc advertising (pay per click advertisement) and see how many people can like your page per $1 It is preferred to make your audience more in order to make more money.



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