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How to earn $ 100 from a day?

How to earn $ 100 from a day?
How to earn $ 100  from Facebook a day?

How to earn $ 100  from a day?


There are many ways to earn from the Facebook platform, which is not known to a large number of users instead of spending long hours without interest.
You can now turn them into huge profits, and the most prominent of these methods are:


Activate the profit from the videos you publish on your page
Facebook provides more than 8 billion viewers of videos, which you and other users publish on your pages.Where Facebook launched a new advertising platform much like , called

Facebook For Media and to take advantage of this platform

You must do the following:


Subscribe to Facebook For Media  and then Facebook will place promotional ads on your videos, and therefore will take a percentage of profit.
- The number of followers of your page must be at least 10,000 followers.
- Get your videos on the new platform, with 30,000 viewers in the 60 days.
- Must be within the scope of the States that have the right to profit and profit from YouTube platforms

countriers that are Eligable:

are Ireland, New Zealand and Belgium.The United States, Argentina, Colombia, Denmark, Australia and other countries.This feature will be made available to all countries by 2019, and will be offered in more than one language.So that many users can take advantage of this new feature.


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