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free management system start making money now

free management system start making money now
free website management system start making money now

free management system start making money now

What is the most important matter for having a website?

there are many websites that provide you with online site builder whiich work effectively .This website are emplates and dynamic drag-and-drop website builder get your website up in minutes. 

If you plan to post continuously or wish to have a site with a greater number of distinct pages (e.g. a blog), options like Tumblr, , or may be a better fit. They offer more limitations on the look of your free web site but little to no restriction on the overall size.
Shop around before you choose. Different web hosts offer different features and all will limit the options in their free packages. Consider the features that matter most to you before signing up.
Free web hosting usually lacks a data backup plan so be extra careful about backing up your files.

Blogger,WordPress, , , Drupal,Yola, Sites, Freehostia are offering you website for free you can even have many templates and designs that offered for you .

  • WordPress (free) 52%
  • Wix (paid) 7%
  • Joomla (free) 4%
  • Progress Sitefinity (free) 4%
  • Squarespace (paid) 4%
  • (paid) 2%

all what you have to do is to start having a domain name and from many hosting companies like Godaddy , hetzenr , and many other paid hosting plans .According to your need you have to specify your needs and you will start making money by displaying Google ads or you can have many tools which may help you boost your website to become on the top search list of google seach engine .

I Recommand you to use thisfree website management system  what I want you to relay on is e107  free web-based content management system.

you will have to go and download the e107 from here e107 

after download it  you will unzipp the file and try it locally in your computer using WampServer .

you can have many template and unlimited plugins and support from many people and this is the list of :

themes are here :


and plugins are here 

you will need to install it in your wampserver locally and modify it according to you need .you will be able to find any problem that facing you in github besides you will have support chatroom


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