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After I deleted an HTTPS redirect from an .htaccess file, do I need to delete my SSL certificates for HTTPS, in order to stop redirecting


You will check if you have  enabled in your : 

- you will need to disable the redirection to https at first.

-All visitors who visit your website before while HSTS was enabled will still request your website using https until the timeout.

-If you remove the SSL certificate then these visitor’s browsers will get an error while accessing your website.

- You can just delete the https redirect in your .htaccess file. You do not need to remove the SSL certificates or their setup for port 443 access.

- Check if all resources for your website load via http in case you have used absolute URLs with https somewhere.mainly it will take days for the http to take effact

- Try to check you URL at your social media ,at Webmaster tool change the sitemap to be using http url .

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