Readers Policy


Readers' Policy

For our keenness at (, removing a lot of confusion that may occur, whether publishers of news sites or visitors and fans of (

First: Introducing the service (

Second: Publishing criteria in

What is her role and how does it matter to you, the reader? is using Rss Technology to aggregate news materials  Which aggregated dynamically by our website and we here state that all articles are referred to the original publisher and that we refer to the name and source of materials in each article and We mention the name of the content owner and we Are only an Rss platform that gather Other’s news content only to Deliver all Owners content to readers and We will not use this Data/information in any form and we don’t have the right to do So .We state also that this content are mainly owned by its publishers and they have the right to request removing and not using their content in our website.


Will this guarantee perfect service?

We hope so. There will be the occasional failure, but we will evaluate them objectively and learn, to prevent them from happening too often. It is about creating an environment that is more outward looking and responsive to change. For a newspaper, objectivity is not just an idea that is debated in its editorial pages but a social responsibility.