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If you are an expert on a subject and want to contribute to shamelnews we would love to have you as a member. Members not only get the benefit of having their content visible to the entire Internet, but you can also make money in doing so! Members can also email articles to other friends as well as comment on existing articles. Simply fill out our sign up form and start writing! You will be assigned an account manager who will review your articles before they go live on the site. Once you have signed up and filled out your profile, make sure you to follow this guidlines:


Terms of use of the adsense profit earnings system

We that sites always have certain writing requirements, in order to avoid making mistakes.



1- You should read Google AdSense policy and webmaster rules for quality sites.
2- The articles must be written accurately and not to publish anything wrong or news or rumors or something contrary to the policies of our website, and must be correct.
3- In the event that one of the publishers in the site decides to publish a personal topic or opinion, he must write at the bottom of the article that the article expresses the opinion of the writer only.
4- It is strictly Prohibited to publish  rumors and fake articles.
5- It is strictly prohibited to repeat any unnecessary words within the subject.
6-It is strictly forbidden to post topics with spelling errors.
7- It is prohibited to use words that are in the introductions such as these words: (Dear Sirs follow the site of shamelnews ) and other introductions.
8- Must be written in standard English in the title and subject.
9- It is prohibited to publish any pictures or video of persons or animals with bodies, blood, incomplete diseases, injuries or fractures.
10- It is prohibited to download any programs, movies or serials or any violation of intellectual property rights.
11- It is strictly forbidden to copy even a line or a set of words, except for quoting the quotations and is clearly a quotation.
12- It is prohibited to repeat the title within the content and the description is an accurate description of the picture and not the title of the subject.
Prevents the subjects of free profit companies.
13- YouTube video is not allowed in the subject except from the official channel.
14- You should start the topic with a picture and then start with the main paragraph (submitted) and then complete the article.
15- It is strictly Prohibited to add links to our webiste  and not to publish any topic related to episodes or series of the site.
16- It is strictly Prevented to  repeat any word in more than one tag and write from 3 to 5 tags in each topic.
17- It is prevented to use any translation programs such as Google and others , and you must add the source of the main article below the article.
18-nIt is forbidden to put links in the last article ... You must end your article always with conclusion ... If you like to put a link of another topic It must be in the context of writing .