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What is the difference between AliDropship and


What is the difference between AliDropship and to create a professional drop shipping shop?

I will explain the basic differences between the AliDropship plugin vs. Shopify to create your dropshipping shop.

How Dropshipping works with AliDropship and Shopify?

Both AliDropship and Shopify are e-commerce platforms. Both lets you pull and bring products from to your store.

If you are not familiar with AliExpress, it is one of the largest online retailers and has the largest sales volume if not more than both and eBay.

AliExpress consists of Chinese companies in the first menu of best sellers. Their prices are often so low that you are able to get huge profit margins.

For example, you'll find some products at very low prices so you can double the price by five to ten times and still offer a great deal for your customers.

If you use a Chopfay platform you will need to apply Oberlo to fetch and pull products from AliExpress

Oberlo enables you to import products directly from AliExpress to Shopify Store.

But the Oberlo application works exclusively with Shopify. It can not be used on any other platform.

AliDropship is a plugin which also allows you to import and bring products from AliExpress to your store.

You do not need to install any other applications with AliDropship because they contain all the features needed to create your own professional store.

In addition to any other useful additions in WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins - the team of AliDropship built the most important plugins.

There are a number of features that I liked in Shopify:

A professional looking store

Easy to use control panel

Fast and Secure (SSL Free)

When you add an Oberlo application, it is easy to import products from AliExpress.

Where the basic Chopfay plan starts at $ 29 per month. The basic plan for "Oberlo" starts at $ 29.90. Total $ 60 per month to run your store.

Note that this does not include other applications that you may want to install to help simplify the operation of your store.

Some successful Shopify dropshipping stores work with 30 or more additional apps:

Many of these additional applications also require monthly costs. Before your store appears publicly, you may spend hundreds of dollars per month to keep Shopify Shop.

You may also worry about refusing your by the entire Shopify platform if you sell something "wrong" from the goods or seen as a risky bid.


I looked for an alternative  to "Shopify"  in WordPress for in order decrease my costs. I did not have a big budget to start with, and since WordPress is free, I will be saving some money already.

Finding the AliDropship plugin is exactly what I was looking for. I would like to save money because when I want to buy of the plugin is just a one-time fee against the basic plan in "Shopify" will be paid monthly.

Also there are no additional add-ons to buy to create your dropshipping shop where AliDropship includes all the essential features like:

- Automation

- Search and import products

- Automatic update of product information

- Automatic pricing control

- Orders are automatically sold

- Filter ePacket Shipping

- Track autodial


- Built-in templates

- Customize the product

- Unlimited number of products

- Product differences

- Support WooCommerce

- Integrated image editor

- marketing

- Discount coupons

- Product Feedback and Ratings


- Email Lists

- Administration

- Live statistics

- Integration with payment gateways

- Inventory Management

- All-in-one dashboard

- Cashback System

- Free updates and support

What about , payment gateways, and store features?

- Web Hosting:

All "Shopify" plans include their hosting:

When you use the AliDropship plugin, you will need to use your own web hosting provider.

I recommend using AliDropship web hosting because the cost is low (starting at US $ 48 per year) and is ideally configured for the AliDropship component.


Shopify provides a free SSL service with all its plans. When using AliDropship web hosting, it also includes SSL for free.

-Payment Gates

- Shopify supports many major payment gateways as do AliDropship. Both options let you start processing your credit card payments right away.

- Shopify can process credit cards on its own and can link AliDropship to your PayPal account until you are ready to offer another payment gateway

- Themes:

- Shopify surely wins in this category where most of their themes are designed well and they have a wide range of themes to choose from.

- Keep in mind that most of them will cost you to use. Some aspects of Shopify can cost more than $ 100.

- AliDropship shop templates are free to use.

There is not much to choose from as of this writing. However, I have no doubt that the Alidropship team is working on launching more topics.

I recommend you to create a dropshipping store at the AliDropship plugin. I chose Alidropship for two main reasons:

- I own 100% of my store because it works on WordPress

- Provides long term money (no monthly fees)

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